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A patio is generally an exciting place in your house you spend activities outdoor with family, friends, and guests. However, you can’t do this if you don’t have a roof on your patio. Some amount of sunshine is right, but not rain, snow, and hail. A roofed patio offers you the maximum opportunity for its use, regardless of the weather and season.

Gable patios are one of the most popular roofed outdoor patios you can choose. It has more benefits that a flat-roof design patio. Compared to a flat roof, a gabled roof opens up the line of vision and therefore provides more magnificent views from its pitch or the area from the eaves to the peak of the roof. The pitch itself is attractive and becomes a prominent feature of your patio and adds elegance to it. The gable design also has better heat reduction than the regular flat roof. Its two surfaces do not get continually baked by the sun throughout the daytime.

Gable patios require professional builder service. Patio Builders Perth is the home addition professional company you can call for your gable patio project. We build gable patios that blend effortlessly with the structure of your existing home, complementing their architectural style and enhancing their beauty. We use the highest quality and durability materials sourced from our leading suppliers. You have a comprehensive option of different paving and roofing materials to choose from.


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Professional Gable Patio Builders in Perth



Our professional designers and builders are highly experienced and have worked with many homeowners in Perth and surrounding areas for their gable patio projects. They are certified, fully licensed and insured. Even with their long experience, we continue to let them undergo advanced training to be updated with the latest developments in gable patio design and construction methods.

We provide our valued customers unparalleled customer service. It is the reason why we are the preferred service providers for the home improvement structures we build, including gable patios. Our growing customer base and business overall is a testament to our excellent customer service.

All the benefits you get for our design and construction service compared to those offered by our competitors translate to our overall cost-effectiveness.

Our Gable Patio Perth Service


When you work with Patio Builders Perth for your gable roof patio needs, we start with a consultation on your gable patio needs and preferences. We conduct an ocular inspection of your site and property to determine whether a patio detached from your home or one that will be made an extension of your existing roofline makes for a better design. You can choose from our design of trusses and gable roof.

You can also let us know of other design ideas you may have. We shall be happy to accommodate your plan to create a custom design for you. We shall let you choose the paving material of your preference, guiding you on their advantages and disadvantages, if any, including maintenance requirements, lifespan, and costs. 

Whatever you prefer, rest assured that you will get a masterpiece of design and constructed gable patio structure from us that is sure to provide you many years of enjoyment. For a more functional patio that blends easily with your house’s existing structure, go for a gable patio design.

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