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Patios are standard fixtures in many Australian homes. It reflects our love for the outdoors. The spirit of outdoor living allows us to take every opportunity to spend time and do family and social activities in the patio. With their usefulness in our daily life, patios should be designed and built to give us lasting service and satisfaction.

The design and construction of a patio is not a simple DIY activity. There are many considerations in building it. Without sufficient skills, you run the risk of having a shabbily built patio you will spend substantial investment on that you may not fully appreciate. You may regret the waste of your money, time, and energy with it.

It is always prudent to be on the safe side when you decide on an important home addition project like a patio. Go to a professional Patios Perth builder for help.

You cannot go wrong when you call Patio Builders Perth for your patio construction. Building patios is our core business and reliable expertise. We have built beautiful yet robust patios for hundreds of homeowners in Perth and surrounding areas.

The patios we build are admired for their quality, aesthetic appeal, and high functionality. They enhance the visual appearance of the properties and increase their overall value. We employ the design suited to the architectural makeup of your home to complement its aesthetics further.


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Professional Patio Perth Experts



Our expert workmanship is coupled with the use of the highest quality and reliability materials for your structure. You can be confident of a robust patio that will last many years for your enjoyment without worrying about the need for repair.

We have some of the most highly-experienced personnel in the industry. Our certified, licensed, and insured staffs have decades of experience in their craft. They also undergo continuing advanced training on modern patio and construction trends to update their skills. The service we provide our customers is second to none. We go all out to deliver the client’s requirements and wants. Our staffs are friendly, courteous and customer-focused.

You will be surprised that for all the good results of patios Perth services we can deliver, you’ll get a price from us that is competitive with most service providers in Perth.

Patio Builders Perth has a proven track record for patio design, construction, and installation. We are experts in our crafts, delivering high-quality workmanship according to your budget and schedule. If you are looking for Perth patio experts, call us now and let’s discuss your outdoor design requirements for your home. We offer free consultation and estimates. 

Our Perth Patio Services

Our team of expert patio designers and builders will have a consultation with you on your needs and requirements. An ocular inspection of the place will follow it. We shall come up with a proposed design, which we shall execute upon your approval. Our builders will ensure that the patio will be built on a level and compact ground before paving it. 

You will be given the option to choose your preferred material for your patio. We are capable of using various materials to build your patio. You can go with the least expensive pea gravel, moderately priced paved or poured concrete, the more expensive concrete pavers or bricks or the most pricey stone. Each of these materials has its distinctive properties and advantages, which we shall guide you on. You will likewise be given options for the type of patio structure such as roofed or without a roof, the type of roof design, such as gable, flat, etc. and the roofing materials.

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