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Timber for a patio decking may sound too exquisite and luxuriously expensive. Still, it is comparable with many other materials for decking. The false idea about timber price is a result of its elegant look that is seen as almost as pricey as stone or bricks. 

Many species of natural timber can qualify as a decking material for their being able to be used outdoor. However, it is wise to look at a few of the most popular types of timber for their durability, workability and price. A professional decking service provider with expertise on timber can help you.

Patio Builders Perth is the professional patio builder services company with expertise on timber, a credential that not all patio builders have. Aside from being experts on patios, and carport, we are also specialised in timber decking and flooring. Many patio projects we have completed for our countless customers in Perth, where we are based, have been installed with timber decking. These successful projects continue to gain admiration for their visual appeal and their harmony with the existing houses they have been built as extensions for. 



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The floor decking we install is of high functionality. The timber has been selected to be part of a robust structure. It will add aesthetic appeal to the home’s architectural design and effectively add value overall value to the property. Together with our expert craftsmanship, the use of the highest quality and reliability of the timber we use will guarantee you a structurally sound and visually appealing patio deck that will provide you many years of service and enjoyment without worrying about the need for repair.

Our personnel is one of the most highly experienced in the patio construction industry. Our staff are certified, licensed, and insured with decades of experience in their craft. They likewise also undergo continuing advanced training on the modern patio, timber decking and construction trends to update their skills. Our friendly and courteous staffs provide clients with unmatched quality service. They go all out to fulfil their requirements and wants to best of their capacity.

All the exciting benefits you can get from our service go with a reasonable price that is competitive with most service providers in Perth and surrounding areas.

Our Timber Decking Perth Installers


Our interaction with you always starts with a consultation on your needs and preferences. Being our valued customer, the service we render is all focused around your requirements.

We make an ocular inspection of your area before we propose a design, which we shall have you approve before we execute. We check the levelness and compactness of the ground where the decking will be installed. We introduce to you the popular choices for natural timber that are applicable for outdoor use guiding you on their individual properties, their advantages and disadvantages, if any, maintenance requirements and pricing.

You cannot go wrong selecting any of the following timber that we highly recommend and can install for your deck: Treated Pine, Jarrah, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Merbau, Stringybark, and Ironbark.

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Patio Builders Perth has a proven track record for timber decking design, construction, and installation. We are experts in our crafts, delivering high-quality workmanship according to your budget and schedule. If you are looking for Perth timber decking installers, call us now and let’s discuss your outdoor design requirements for your home. We offer free consultation and estimates.


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